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Thin Lip

On one side we have a sharper lip, this promotes a thinner layer of liquid on the palate. In our experience, supporting delicate notes, and a more fruit forward and vibrant taste.


Thick Lip

On one side we have a thick lip which is also raised to promote a thick layer of liquid particularly coating the roof of your palate. In our experience, supporting a more intensity, texture and sweetness



The dimple is designed to not allow the sedement on the liquid to rest at the bottom of the cup, also helping promote swirling and movement of liquid.

your experience.

Our Dual lipped technology focusses on changing the point of impact on the palette changes perception of coffee, giving you even more control to personalise your experience.

The details matter.


Studies have shown that the coffee can be perceived up to 20% sweeter when enjoyed through a pink vessel.


Studies have shown that the texture of the vessel can significantly impact the quality of the beverage. Using the highest quality of porcelain we are ensuring the smoothest texture possible to improve the experiance.


Different shapes will enhance different elements of the coffee, for instance round shapes will improve aromatic and sweetness perception. Straight and ridges shapes will improve body and intensity

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These cups were used by competitors at the highest level, producing multiple national champions in Brewers Cup, ranking 2nd in the first round of 2023 World Brewers Cup and much more

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