Welcome to Ni.

Inspired by the Japanese word for “two” and “movement” Ni is the first of its kind.

Manifested in 2021, designed over many years in the speciality coffee industry and coffee competition arenas. Ni was born to bring the user closer to the their cup of coffee, by allowing them to not only personalise their experience, buit connect deeper to taste.

The first dual lipped vessels, inspired by gastronomy.

Designed in Australia.

Originally designed for competition coffees by founder Hany Ezzat.

We wanted to create the perfect cup to enjoy filter coffee with. We came to learn pretty quickly, each coffee was enhanced by different shapes and flow.

This is where the idea of Ni came about. We create the first of its kind with different lip shapes to change to point of impact on the mouth, highlighting different elements of coffees, encapsulating your preferences and in some cases changing the coffees profile completely.

Backed by industry.

These cups were used by multiple brewers at the world competition to produce amazing scores and have even produced a winner in a national competition.

Read our journal to see some of the Ni success stories.

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