What is the purpose of having dual lips on the cup?

The differences in the lip will change the delivery of coffee onto the pallete. This will change your experience of the coffee. Typically the thinner lip will highlight acidty, and more delicate notes while the thick lip will highlight body and sweetness. However coffee to coffee will vary

How does the cup affect the taste of coffee?

Shape, colour, weight and and feel all play into how we perceive our beverage. For example, different wine glasses are suitable for different wines. We have taken the same approach to coffee, drawing inspiration from other industrys and applying the Gastro-Physics to highlight the very best out of coffees.

Are there specific types of coffee that pair better with each lip shape?

While preferences may vary, certain types of coffee may be enhanced by each lip shape. For example, coffees with fruity or vibrant notes may be better showcased with the sharper lip, while others may benefit from the alternative lip.

Is the cup dishwasher safe?

Yes, and we are FDA approved.

Can I use this cup for beverages other than coffee?

Absolutely, the world is yours.

Is the cup microwave safe?


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